Junkyard Motorbike Stunts

Enjoy Junkyard Motorbike Stunts. Junkyard Motorbike Stunts is one of a kind Motorbike Games that will give you an entertaining and challenging motorbike adventure. You can really feel in this game the thrill of doing those motorbike stunts in order to cross those extreme obstacles. Give all that you have in controlling and maneuvering a motorbike in this extreme game. There is no time limit in this game so you do not need to make it fast in reaching the finish line. You only have 3 lives which mean that you can only make 3 mistakes to repeat a level or it will be a game over for you. There are dollar signs that you need to get in order to gain points. Get all those to have a high score. You can submit your score and become the top scorer for Junkyard Motorbike Stunts. Play like a pro and e