Coaster Racer 2 With Dari

Enjoy Coaster Racer 2 With Dari. This game is a combination of car and motorbike racing game. So if you are looking for a racing game that would make you sweat, then this is it. It is an unlocking game that you cannot go on the next level until you are done with your current level. But to encourage you on this, you can use the challenges on each level for you to get more cash and use it to upgrade your car or motorbike. Now, on each level you have to face, you also need to meet the qualifications so that even if you are not the first to make it to the finish line as long as you were able to meet the qualifying requirement then you can proceed to the next level. This is a very challenging game but it can give you the satisfaction that you are looking for in a motorbike-racing game combinati